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Loveland's downtown in BizWest.com

By by Doug Storum of BizWest.com


Article published by by on September 20, 2016 online in BizWest.com.

Downtown redevelopment project in Loveland gains momentum

This video (Courtesy city of Loveland/OZ Architecture/Russell + Mills Studios) shows an animated aerial flyover and through the proposed The Foundry mixed-use project in downtown Loveland.

This video shows an animated aerial flyover and through the proposed The Foundry mixed-use project in downtown Loveland. Courtesy city of Loveland/OZ Architecture/Russell + Mills Studios.

LOVELAND — A public-private project that has been on the drawing board for about six years to redevelop two and one-half blocks in downtown Loveland, is beginning to gain momentum.

Fort Collins-based Brinkman Partners is partnering with the city of Loveland on The Foundry project, formerly called South Catalyst, that will include apartments, retail space, a MetroLux theater, community plaza with a large screen, multistory parking garage and possibly a hotel. The project cost is estimated at $76 million.

The property is from East First Street to an alley between East Third and Fourth streets and is bordered to the east and west by North Cleveland and North Lincoln avenues.

Mike Scholl, the city’s economic-development manager, said the site has been cleared and a temporary parking lot has been paved at the southeast corner of Cleveland Avenue and Third Street. The parking structure is expected to be the first step on the construction schedule, but a start date has not been set.

A market study — commissioned by the city on behalf of an unnamed hotel chain — shows viability for a 90-room downtown hotel that would presumably occupy a portion of the southern edge of the site that is now earmarked for office space.

“Right now, the climate is favorable for a hotel,” Scholl said.

The hotel would be located between First and Second streets. From Second to Third, The Foundry will include two five-story mixed-use buildings consisting of approximately 150 apartments, 15,000 square feet of retail space, a five-screen MetroLux Theater, a central plaza with a stage and large screen, and the 460-space parking structure.

The city of Loveland assembled the site over time by purchasing private property in the area for $5.7 million, Scholl said. The city also spent $1.3 million to clear the land, including demolition of buildings and asbestos abatement, as well as pay for several studies.

Scholl said the city has agreed to cap its spending on the project at $17.6 million, which includes $11 million that would come from Downtown Development Authority bonds that will be voted on in November.

The city will also transfer a parcel of land on the site to Brinkman Partners that would give the developer a vote within a metro district that still needs to be approved, Scholl said.

The city had been working with New Jersey-based Michaels Development Co. for a year and a half on plans for the site. However, the city and Michaels cut ties in August 2015 after a dispute over an extension of Michaels’ exclusive right to negotiate with the city.

Oz Architecture, which has offices in Boulder and Denver, and Fort Collins-based Russell & Mills Studio are working on the project.

Brinkman Partners completed the five-story Gallery Flats mixed-use apartment building nearby The Foundry site in 2012.

Night on the Town

Friday, Sept 14, 2018 5 pm-9 pm

Night on the Town is Downtown Loveland’s “night out” with many art galleries and businesses offering a ready welcome from 5 pm to 9 pm. There's plenty of fine and casual dining, craft beer tasting rooms and retail shops to enjoy. You’ll find snacks, live music and sales in multiple locations, all part of an inviting atmosphere and hearty welcome from downtown businesses. It’s an opportunity to spend an evening with friends in our downtown.

During our "Summer Version" there are street performers, live musicians, something on every corner. 



“People of Loveland”

Meet Jenny

“Who gets to hang out with awesome election judges, document lovely Lovelanders driving through to drop their ballots off and exercise their voting rights, seeing many new faces and some of my favorite people as well? I do!

I'm the lucky one that gets to document all of the amazing things that people do in this community everyday for the Loveland Reporter-Herald through my lens. I can tell you from experience that Loveland is truly filled with love.

Am I a celebrity? 

You're right about the rest though.

It's truly a gift to be able to embed myself into people's lives. In their best moments or their worst, I'm there. Sometimes they love me for it and sometimes they're not very happy to see me. If they knew me, they would realize I'm shooting with my heart and I feel their joy and their pain. My mission is to make my own little positive difference in people's lives. Whether that's filling readers hearts with joy when they see a joyful photo or causing someone to want to make a difference because they see others doing the same, or evoking empathy and love from a photo of a tragedy- I hope to make a difference, even if just for a moment.

For more of Jenny's Story- follow us on facebook


Have you noticed the sculptures in Downtown Loveland seem to change each year? They are part of a TAAP Program through the City of Loveland! 

T.A.A.P.  sculptures are on the move as we make way for three new sculptures in downtown:

1) "Big Vision, Small Steps"
by Charlotte Zink

2) "Convergence"
by Steve Shachtman

3) "Love/Fear"
by Joe Norman

They will be installed next Friday! "Broken Violin" by Jack Kreutzer; "Ovilepod" by Ted Schaal and "Hard Rock" by Pati Stajcar will remain on display for another year.

Thank you to all of our T.A.A.P.  artists -- past and future!

The parking garage at The Foundry is now OPEN!

With over 300 spaces of free public parking, the brand new parking garage at The Foundry is a great addition to Downtown.   While construction is completed on the surrounding areas, the garage can be accessed from Lincoln Ave, and pedestrians can enter and exit to Lincoln Ave. 
When construction is complete, pedestrians will be able to enter and exit the garage from the public plaza of The Foundry, or from Lincoln Ave and 2nd Street.


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